Support HTML Email Signatures

Right now the Email Signatures are very limited. All inline styles are stripped. Linked Images are not working.

Please allow full HTML/CSS signatures.

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Please note that we are stripping away HTML content for security reasons.

Could you elaborate? And is this true for outgoing and incoming emails?

This affects both, incoming and outgoing mails.
We’re stripping away everything that might be harmful to the application or it’s user.

As example, we’re stripping away colors from text and background to ensure that you can -at any point- read the mails content.

If most mails wouldn’t be handeld by our sanitizer, half or the application would look broken. :smiley:

I could understand why this is ok on incoming email, but for email signatures?

If I would change the signature in the DB? Would it still run trough the sanitizer on send?

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That’s technically possible, but we can’t encourage you to do so.

(Edit: No we don’t sanitize it during sendout but during commit to the database)

I agree, it would be useful, as signatures are often much more complex and allow for different font styles and alignments.

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