Support for Observium/LibreNMS

Dear Devs, Dear Community,

as Zammad already supports

  • Check_MK
  • Icinga
  • Monit
  • Nagios
  • Zabbix

it would be cool if Mails from Observium/LibreNMS (guess they have the same formatting) also could be handled (closed/merged) automatically.

Thanks a lot


I have set this up using the Check_MK integration with the API transport in LibreNMS.

Turn on in Zammad, then grab the URL from there.

In LibreNMS:

  • Transport Type: API
  • API Method: POST
  • API URL: [from Zammad]
  • Options: as below.
event_id={{ $device_id }}
host={{ $hostname }}
state={{ $title }}
text={{ $msg }}

I’ve not had an alert yet, but the test works fine.
You could swap the details around quite a lot. I’m using device_id rather than $id because I want one ticket per device (so we’re not swamped with closed ones). Not sure what’s best to put in state yet - that seems to appear in the ticket title, and may affect whether the ticket is closed automatically on recovery. We’ll see about that one.


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