Support for BCF

I am looking for several architectural offices for a task and ticket managing tool. Architects do have a wide range of collaboration needs and communication channels in design, cunstruction and building process. With overlapping tasks. In the BIM process it looks like the building collaboration format (BCF) is the communication and issue tracking solution or better “format”. It is quiet easy to use: At the end it is a zip with different bitmap and XML files, which define an issue (identified by a GUID) on a certain point or better to a certain element of the virtual building (identified by a GUID). Solving issue tracking in CAD or proprietary software is IMHO the wrong place. If i would have the possibility to import a BCF issue, created e.g. in ArchiCAD or SolibriModelChecker, to a Zammad ticket I could track and solve the issue in this way. Best, if I could send a BCF answer out of Zammad to this issue in BCF back to other participants. If you are interested in more, feel free to contact me by PM.

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