Stuck at 'starting nginx...'


Expected behavior:

  • Expecting the docker to start and the webgui to come up. Version 3.x comes up without issue

Actual behavior:

  • All versions 4.x and up get stuck after the init process, the Nginx container reads ‘starting nginx…’. It’s been this way for a few hours. I’ve started from scratch with mostly default variables set in the compose folder. I’ve changed the data storage locations and added container names, but aside from that, I’ve done nothing different than what I did for 3.x, which runs fine. I’m deploying this through portainer’s template management area. But I’m sure running docker-compose manually on the cli would result in the same behavior.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Use the compose file with the included .env

Have you read the upgrade instructions?

I haven’t, but it is applicable if I’m not upgrading?

Sorry, so i misinterpreted:

Sorry, can’t test on centos now.
Ubuntu as dockerhost works for me.

hey hey! I figured it out… I missed the change of port 80 to 8080. Looks like I’m able to run zammad perfectly on unraid using portainer to input the compose file.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


Also, for reference, Unraid runs on Slackware, not CentOS, not sure why I keep getting it confused.
Thanks for the help

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