STRG+Shift+W - TAB Close

According to the help (CTRL+Shift+H) you should be able to close the TAB with this key combination.
ctrl+shift+w (CTRL+SHIFT+W)
This does not mean the browser TAB in Firefox. I close it with CTRL+W

I assumed that I could close a single ticket with this key combination.
Unfortunately, this does not work in Chrome and not in Firefox

Laut Hilfe (STRG+UMSCHALT+H) soll man mit dieser Tastenkombination den TAB schliessen können.
Der browser TAB im Firefox ist damit nicht gemeint. Den schließe ich mit STRG+W

Ich habe vermutet das ich mit dieser Tastenkombination ein einzelnes Ticket schließen kann.
Das funktioneirt leider nicht in Chrome und nicht in Firefox

This is an english speaking community, please do not use any other languages. No matter if you provide a translation to it or not.

This behavior is a known issue and is getting worse due to browser manufacturers adding more and more shortcuts. The issue is covered by this issue, subscribe to it if you want to be updated by Github.

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