Stop customers from reopening closed tickets that are older than <timespan>


Currently Zammad allows for groups to be set up to allow follow ups or not after closing a ticket.
Both variants have their benefits and drawbacks when implemented.
In our case reopening is allowed which in some cases leads to “necroing” of old tickets which then have to be split manually into a new one.
This is an OK solution but it would be better if tickets could be blocked from reopening from customer side after a specific time after closing the ticket.

Would it be possible to implement an additional option in group settings where on could choose “follow ups only possible within after closing”?
That way recent follow ups could still be processed in the same ticket. But if the timer is set to e.g. 1 month after closing, then a new ticket would be opened assuming the follow up question after x amount of time is in most cases no longer related to the original inquiry.

Alternatively this could be implemented in triggers instead of group settings, but if I could see correctly there is currently no trigger combination allowing something like this.



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