Still trying to import from ZenDesk

okay, so i’ve been working on this for a while now and still failing.

Is the log from when i try to import from zendesk.

I have tried multiple things

  • My zendesk email and password.
  • My zendesk email and an API token
  • My zendesk email with /token on the end of it and a zendesk API token.

They all produce the same 403 error.

Within ZenDesk it does show that there are 7 API calls. It freezes when it gets to the organizations part of the import, not at the groups part.

Please help!

Thank you in advance.

Yes what’s happening is that when it tries to request organization data, Zendesk returns 403 to the relevant API requests if you don’t pay for a Teams plan, as it limits the functionality. I think it also limits access to the Users as well the same way.

Zammad’s importer should handle this and proceed to the next group of data.

@thorsteneckel what do you think? An todo enhancement or rather not?

Wow! I wasn’t aware of that. Do you have more information about that @nske ? A linke or something. We definitely should handle that.

Wow, nice to get a response from the core team :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for making this opensource, we just decided to switch away from Zendesk last week as the pricing/functionality of the small plan felt a bad deal for our limited IT requirements. We were between Zammad and Faveo. Still testing Zammad but looks good so far. If we end up using it I’ll try to push for a small donation -or perhaps provide a bounty for an Android app.

About the issue: after the importer failed I tried to send organization requests directly through curl with my API key and I got 403, so I googled it and found that’s the case (this is how I actually found this thread too). A link that confirms it:

This is definitely a bug and should get addressed in an issue. Would somebody mind putting all the information together in a new issue? Especially the link and the log from the first post are important. And please add a link to this thread :heart_eyes_cat:

@nske - sure :slight_smile: The community is really important to us. If you choose whatever over Zammad it would be really interesting why. Thanks!

Done, Issue#2262


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