Staying logged in for more than 1 day using SAML

Currently I have to log back in every day and this becoming frustrating

Logging in at work using multiple browsers, logging in at home on my mobile phone and personal laptop
Constantly having to log back in - no option to “save session” or to stay logged in for “7 days” or “stay signed in until i choose to log out”

Why is it not solvable with the Zammad standard?
there is no check box or any options for this

What is your expectation/what do you want to achieve?
I want to be able to choose the length of time I am logged in.
I want the session length to be on MY terms, not an arbitrary/default time

Your Zammad environment:

  • Average concurrent agent count: 300
  • Average tickets a day: 10,000
  • What roles/people are involved: IT Dept/Administrators
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Is maybe the system configuration not in a good shape for this situation? You could check the Session Timeout configuration part.

I don’t have this problem in our Zammad instance. We are not using SAML, but this should normally not be different.

All Thirdparty login based Sessions are only valid for the browser runtime as far as I’m aware. At least it was that was pre 6.0.

if you’re not using SAML - how do you know it’s not a problem for people who are using it? (basic logic)

can we have the option to manually change it to be something other than the browser runtime - thanks