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While Zammad is a great and easy-to-use ticket system, a quick status overview page of some (configurable) services might be missing.
You can find such a status overview thing e.g. with Cachet ( Cisco Webex is using Cachet for their status webpage at

In Cachet you have like two kinds of users: those who can change/update a service status (Zammad: Agents) and those who can subscribe to a service (Zammad: Customers) and get notified when a service status is changing.

When using Zammad for an organization with multiple services, it can be useful to have a status page for their services like web server, mail server, cloud server, etc… If a service has an issue customers can easily see if there is a service interruption already known and worked on or not. This can minimize the number of new tickets when a service is down and give Agents/Engineers more time to work on solving the issues.

How could this work in Zammad?
Similar to Groups there could be a section/tab for Services. There you can configure the services you want to display on the status page. Additionally a service can be limited to one or multiple Groups or Organizations (or to all). When a new ticket is created and being worked on by an Agent, the Agent could then flag the service as Ok (green traffic light ring), Maintenance/Limited Service (yellow) or Out Of Order (red).

While working in the issue Agents can include notices or messages to be included as status updates on thet Status page. Closing the issue could mark the status as green/OK again, maybe.

Customers that can subscribe to a service status would then automatically get informed about service downtimes/maintenance work, status updates and service restauration without the need to open a ticket on their own.

Maybe the Status page could be some sort of a subset of the Knowledge Base code? Or you could enrich the Knowledge Base with some sort of macros with traffic light indicators that are linked to the Service status section/tabs? That way Customers could also have a quick indicator if a service is operational or not when browsing the Knowledge Base.

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