Splitting email doesn't work

If you been using Zammad for awhile, you should very well know the button below each email “Split”, however that button doesn’t work as expected and some of the behavior is problematic.

  1. If you click “Split” button, it opens “New ticket” window and if you click “Create” with “Send email” option selected it will send an email to the client. This behavior doesn’t make sense because client already send you an email and you want to split it. Client shouldn’t know how you are handling his emails. Workaround would be to select “Call received” but doesn’t make sense, because you are working with email, not calls.

  2. If agent merged two tickets by accident (real case), there is no way to undo it. When you click “Split” it creates a copy, actual split is not performed.

  3. If you have a thread with multiple email addresses (see NR2) and you try to do Split, it copies main thread address and nothing else. Lets say you have email1 and email2 if you want to split email2. It will copy content of email2, but will give you address of email1 and it doesn’t copy CC or other emails.

If there is a merge there should be an opposite functionality too.

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I agree that the original article type and article author should be copied, when “Split” is used.

But as this would create an incoming e-mail-ticket in your case, it would also re-trigger the “auto reply (on new tickets)”. Which might be intentional, or not. So with your suggested change, we also would need a condition in triggers to detect if a ticket is “created” or “created by splitting”. In which case, you can actually automatically inform the customer, that a new ticket was created because of the splitting, to make sure he answers to the correct ticket number if he wants to add some information.