Specific user unable to forward mail out of Zammad


  • Used Zammad version:


  • Used Zammad installation type: (source, package, docker-compose, …)

Ubuntu Server 20 package based install per Zammads instructions.

  • Operating system:

Ubuntu 20 LTS

  • Browser + version:

Any (but using Chrome).

Expected behavior:

  • The agent clicks forward to send the ticket/mail with attachments to an external recipient

Actual behavior:

  • Button is not active/doesn’t open any forwarding fields, and at least once an error flashed by on first click that briefly mentioned some issue with the knowledge base (which is not in active use in this system)

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Try to forward an email out of the system BY THIS SPECIFIC AGENT ONLY in this case. Agent’s account is provisioned via group memberships in AD (which is how the entire system is set up, all agents are created from LDAPS).

Personally I can forward just fine, and I haven’t yet heard of any other agent mentioning this specific issue. That said the account I use has more admin permissions than the agent user in question.

I was thinking user permissions, but the agent is part of a specific Zammad group. That group has a role attached to it that sets members of that role as full access agents of the group in question; it also allows the role member to write to all groups (for one-way moves of a ticket to another group). Role membership is also set based on AD groups via LDAPS, and I’ve verified the agent has the role. The agent can otherwise work with tickets perfectly fine, just not forward out.

What else could affect this agents ability to use the forward button negatively, anyone have ideas?

The reply button is not user specific but group specific.
So if I’d had to put a bet:
The group in question the ticket lifes in has no email address assigned. learn more about those settings here:

If that’s not helping, ensure that the user is an actual agent and has the required permission to update tickets. See Agent Permissions — Zammad documentation

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