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Hey guys,

I admit this is a somewhat unimportant minor feature request but nevertheless I think it could help agents to organize themselves in a more efficient way.

I like that you are able to drag and drop sort all tabs in the left sidebar. And just like that, it would be nice if overviews could be sorted via drag and drop aswell. Especially if agents work with multiple custom overviews for e.g. different tags, services, customers, whatever, everyone should be able to store them in a distinct order.

I’m aware that the order of all overviews can be preset for all users via admin -> manage -> overviews.

Let me know what you think

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This is already possible! Without admin rights. Doesn’t matter if admin, agent or user. :slight_smile:

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Sorry for being too vague, this is not what I meant.

I want to manage the order of the available overviews, not the order of tickets shown in them.

As in your screenshots some agents want to move (via drag and drop) the “Pending reached” overview to the very top of the list because they use just this overview most of the time. At the same time some might want to move the “Unassigned & Open” to the bottom because they almost never take care of those free tickets (but sometimes they still do, so I can’t disable the overview for those agents).

Of course that’s kind of unnecessary if there are only 6 overviews. But it will get confusing or annoying to always have to scroll the list when there are 20+ overviews.

Zammad saves all open tabs for each agent and additionally stores the order in which the users arranged them. Why not add this behaviour for each users overviews?

I see, thanks for clarification. In general it currently is a bad idea to have too many overviews within zammad, since this slows zammad down. We’re working on that, but oh well.

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Hey, good to know - I will keep the amount of overviews low from now on. I guess my feature request becomes superfluous then.

No problem, just want to make sure you don’t run into performance hassle. :slight_smile:

I’ll keep your request open, as it might be useful in my opinion :wink:

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We already made an enhencement request on that.
Besides the ability that the zammad admin can create predefined overviews for all agent, each agent should be able to create it´s own personal overviews by himself.

If this is allowed for the agent, should be configured with rights by the admin.


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