Someone using haproxy reverse proxy?

I have a debian 10 with zammad 5.0.3 source installation. I have only one ip address so I need a reverse proxy to be able to use multiple servers. In the past I used nginx but I want to change to haproxy and ssl termination. Every other server in my system seems to run fine, but zammad makes some troubles. It seems to work, but not 100% stable.
Does someone use also haproxy as reverse proxy and can help me with a working configuration?

Well… I still need to update to 5.0.3, so I’m not sure if something is different.

Anyway, you can try with this simple version:

frontend lb
        mode            http
        bind            your_listening_ip:443 name your_listening_ip:443 tfo ssl crt /etc/ssl/private alpn h2,http/1.1
        bind            your_listening_ip:80 name your_listening_ip:80
        option          forwardfor

        acl             host_zammad     hdr(host) -i zammad.url

        redirect scheme https code 301 if host_zammad !{ ssl_fc }
        http-request    add-header X-Forwarded-Proto https if { ssl_fc }

        use_backend     http_zammad     if host_zammad

backend http_zammad
        description     zammad backend, http
        mode            http
        server          zammad_server your_zammad_ip:80 check inter 5000

thank’s for the quick response.
This is more than less the config I have, but it always ends in an: CSRF token verification failed!
If I don’t use SSL Termination, than it works fine, since I added a little bit more timeout for the server.
Any idea?

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