[SOLVED] Zammad change favicon

Hi, sombody can tell me how i can change the favicon with one customized? i search information but not is exact, i see that in the configuration i can change the logo of portal from the dashboard but not for the favicon, where i can change this? I hope your response.

Well, this is for any that need this change it:


Refresh and appear the new fav.ico i hope that this help.

Please note that changing the favi.ico from /opt/zammad/public/fav.ico is not update safe.
This means that you’re required to do this step after every single update of Zammad.

We had this topic in the following post which provides a solution by changing your webserver configuration and thus leaving your Zammad source untouched:

This may help as well, even though you already have a solution. :slight_smile:

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