[solved] Zammad basic Installation issues: nginx and elasticsearch

Hi everyone. I’m trying to install zammad on CentOS 7, but have encountered with two issues:

  • First of all, after installing according to documentation, when i go to http://localhost it shows nginx demo web page, and not zammad first screen.
  • Second, when i issue this command: zammad run rake searchindex:rebuild, it shows “rake aborted! Version 6.5.4 of configured elasticsearch is not supported”

I’d appreciate very much for your assistance.
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I think you problem with elasticsearch is the Version how you can see it in you message. In the Documentation you can also read which version of Elasticsearch is supported:


Set up Elasticsearch
We use Elasticsearch for the awesome search in Zammad.

Currently we support:

Elasticsearch 2.4.x to 5.5.x with mapper-attachments plugin
Elasticsearch 5.6.x with ingest-attachment plugin

Remove you current Elasticsearch Installation and install a supported version. This Site helped me a lot because iam not so deep into Linux:


And to your second problem. Did you activated the firewall and configured it propably? When not i would disable the firewall temporaly and try it again.

Thanks very much for your reply! Following the steps you pointed me at, were successfull for my first issue.
However, i still get the default nginx page, and not zammad web page when accessing to http://localhost/.
Any further help, will be very appreciated.

I can see a similar topic here:

However, in my case, trying to access locally won’t do… (curl http://localhost or IP number)

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Just for the record. Everythong worked fine, just changing localhost to the static IP address assigned to the server.
Thanks to all. This topic can be closed

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