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Zammad: 2.7


we changed a few Weeks to Zammad and now a coworker asked me if it is possible to create a view which shows me only the Tickets where iam the owner and all open Tickets of my Group. I tried it but i only see my Tickets or the Tickets of my Group.

Does anyone got some Advice for me?

Open Ticket of Your Group
AVAILABLE FOR USER - Who can view ( all user in your group)
CONDITIONS FOR SHOWN TICKETS * State is OPEN + Group is yourgroup


thank you for your help. You solution shows me only the open Tickets in the Group. But what i want is:

  • Show only Tickets in a Group which a Open without a owner and Tickets which are open and the Owner is the current user

Ist there a solution for this? A multiple Choise of the Owner is not possible (So i could choose not set and current user)

add in condition for show tickets: Owner is - not set (not defined)

Ignore the group part, as you always only see the stuff from groups you have rights to access to.

You need state is (open) and
owner is current user

Please note that I’d suggesst also to filter for “new” state, as other wise new opened tickets will not appear within this overview.

If needed you can also enable grouping by group, so you’ll have a better overview

The main problem is, that my coworker want to see additional the unassigned tickets (his assigned tickets and the unassigned tickets).

I think my problem is, that there is no way to choose the owner “current user” and “user not set”.

Ah now I get it, sorry for taking so long. You’re right, this is currently not possible, but there’s already an enhancement request: https://github.com/zammad/zammad/issues/2185

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Ok thank you for the Information, so i will wait till this feature will be integrated.

My co-worker can use the different views :wink:

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