[SOLVED] Notify a ticket that is no longer active

  • Used Zammad version: 5.1.0
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: Debian 11

Expected behavior:


what I would like is a scenario like :

1 - an agent takes a ticket (becomes owner)
2 - Starts support
3 - Falls ill the next day → absent 2 weeks
4 - support can’t be finished so ticket is not closed
5 - the ticket is “inactive” since two days, so I want a trigger that notifies by mail another agent, “agent2” for example

Actual behavior:

i have a trigger like :

but it doesn’t work… I don’t get any notification after 2 hours of inactivity

can you help me ?

Triggers can only react when something is happening, like a new ticket, an update, a status change, stuff like that. What you want to look at is the scheduler. You can create a scheduled task that runs at specific times, checks for certain conditions and runs an action. Just be careful not to spam your users with repeated messages.

thank’s for your reply

so what I want to do is impossible with zammad?
can you give me an example with the planner?
because i’m looking for a way to have a notion of lifetime / activity on my tickets and with the planner, it’s not relative duration. so i’m not sure if it can work

and what is “time count” section, i d’ont know if is it the real name in english (in french it is “Décompte du Temps” )

You can always switch your language to english and back by opening your user profile on the bottom left. For posting screenshots here or copying something from here this would be very helpful. Afterwards you can easily switch your language back.

You could use s.th. like this:

And then unassign the ticket or send an e-mail to a supervisor, or escalate, whatever you want.
This depends a little on how you work with tickets because only a reply to the customer will update “last contact agent”, a note will not. And you have be careful that this same ticket won’t generate an e-mail the next time the scheduler runs so a good choice in my opinion would be to escalate the ticket because after escalation the priority will be higher and it won’t be caught by the scheduler again.

You could also look into the SLA options, they are specifically designed for this type of situation.

Thank you very much for your detailed answer. Indeed the ALS can be interesting too.

have a Good day

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