[solved/Github]LDAP - Role Assignment over Groups

Used Zammad version: 2.9

  • Used Zammad installation source: apt package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Browser + version: Chrome


iam using the LDAP Sync to assign Groups from our Active Directory to Roles. This works fine but now all our Departments should work with Zammad and now i got a lot of more AD Groups with a lot of more Users.

I created in our AD for Zammad Agent Groups and now i assigned our Department AD Groups to the Zammad Groups. So that a Group is Member of the Zammad Group.

But now the users won’t be assigned. Only if i assign Users directly to the Zammad Group the sync works.

Is it possible to assign a group to a group and the sync will work?

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Hey @anon43131755,

they probably need to “fix” the ldap integration for this.

Most basic ldap integrations use the syntax to look for direct memberships per default.
But there are multiple ways for nested groups to work via ldap.

I guess this should be a FR instead of technical assistance (since you’re basically doing nothing wrong on a technical level).

Totally IMHO btw - could be wrong.



Ok thank you very much for this Information!

Maybe a Mod can move this Topic to the FR Section :slight_smile:

We currently don’t support nested groups and have a enhancement request on this:


Thank you for the information :slight_smile: I will follow the progress on github!

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Zammad 5.2 introduced Multi LDAP support.
See New Release: Zammad 5.2