[solved] Complete URL for ticket in trigger-email

I am creating a trigger where an agent gets an email when he is the new owner of a ticket. I would like to include the complete URL to this ticket into the mail.

Our environment:

  • Self hosted on Debian with Docker
  • Version 2.4

Expected behavior:

  • The URL #{config.http_type}://#{config.fqdn}/#ticket/zoom/#{ticket.id} does not lead to the right ticket. Visible ticket number is for example 40000, but ticket.id is 840

Actual behavior:

  • The URL #{config.http_type}://#{config.fqdn}/#ticket/zoom/#{ticket.id} does not lead to the right ticket

  • Also: the URL #{config.http_type}://#{config.fqdn}/#ticket/zoom/#{ticket.number} does not lead to the right ticket

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • always

The original shipped auto reply trigger contains this:


I just verified this to be working, ticket id is correct in this case.
But what I also see in your screenshot, the part ticket.id actually looks like an highlighted link that might cause your issue here. Could you please let us know what you expect when using ticket-ID and what you’re getting?

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You are right, it’s working well. I don’t know why it did not when I was writing my post. Thanks for taking care! Problem solved.

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