[solved] Account Email Sender not work

Used Zammad version: 2.7.x
Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04

Hi community,
The account email in zammad doesn’t work for me,
first I thought it was a mail problem but when I tried with another email the problem has not changed.
Essentially when I receive an email, zammad places it in the system, but when I answer or change the status of the ticket, zammad does not send email to the user’s mail.
When the user create a ticket zammad send the creation email to agent but not to user, when the ticket is updated zammad does not send the mail to the user and also to the agent with the change made (example: reply)

Thank Youu

Yesterday i try to enable again trigger auto reply on new ticket (default) and disable the other trigger i created and ,with a new test ticket, zammad send the trigger mail, but after that ticket, mail not work again.
It’s strange.

can someone help me please? i don’t know how to solve the issue :sob:

@chesty @Charburner can you help me please?

@thorsteneckel now can i ask you? :sweat_smile:
should i reinstall zammad?

SOLVED close this thread.

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