SMIME - undefined method `n' for #<OpenSSL::PKey::EC:0x0000560dd2b31c68>

Hey Zammad

I’m trying to upload our CA Cert to Zammad to prepare the use of SMIME.
I get the following error trying to upload a base64 formatted cert.

undefined method `n’ for #OpenSSL::PKey::EC:0x0000560dd2b31c68

The log is attached.


PS: There are a lot of /n line breaks in the log.


Check out this article, seems relatively similar to your issue. Maybe it helps:

Seems like an issue with OpenSSL.

I updated the openssl version of the server to the latest possible.

root@helpdesk:~# openssl version
OpenSSL 1.1.1h 22 Sep 2020

But I still have the same issue.

Just to to sure, you’re using a .pem Certificate, correct?

Yes and I tried both.

  1. selecting the pem
  2. copying the pem text to the box

I’m getting the same error with your certificate. It worked just fine with one of our certificates a couple of weeks ago (with Zammad 3.5 though). Either there is something wrong with your certificate or this is a bug.

What Zammad version are you using?

We have the latest 3.6.x

I’ll test to add one of my certificates this evening, let’s see if that works. If not, this might be a bug in Zammad 3.6

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