"Smart" Text module detector


Me and my colleagues learned to love the “Text modules” feature of Zammad and want first to thank you for this great and straight forward implementation.
While using this feature for a couple of months now we came up with a proposition that in our opinion could make it even better.

The feature would be that Zammad would detect text phrases that have been often (e.g. >5 times) used in “Articles” and suggest that this phrase would be added to the available “Text modules”.
(While writing this I noticed that the community forum software you use here seems to have a similar feature when creating new topics and suggests similar topics on the fly. So it should be doable.)

This could be either enabled, that all Agents can add phrases, or it happens passively in the background e.g. Zammad stores the Article and keeps a record of sentence strings and counts how often each one has been used. If one phrase reaches one of the set triggers a notification would be set to the Admin(s) with a suggestion adding this phrase/sentence as Text Module.

This would probably require some extra work in Zammad, but it would be a great selling point to have a quick text feature that grows automatically with the customers usecase. You could probably also throw in some “machine learning” buzzwords into that as well :wink:



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