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Is there any way to change the timings of SLA of Zammad? as per our requirement, SLA should only count whenever the ticket is assigned to the technician / owner. As we have noticed is when ticket is created, it will start the SLA count even it’s not assigned yet.




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Use the SLA condition to say it should count if condition owner is not not set?
Technically this brings issues if one does unassign the ticket after, because that also pauses SLA calculation.

Usually SLA reaction time do count for the moment you received that communication.

Also, for the next time, please don’t ignore the template.

hi, yes it should not start to count it when ticket is created. it shoud only start counting if the ticket is assigned to the owner. is it possible?

I already provided a solution for this.
You’ll need a further condition for the owner to be set.

can you do some example? we do have this sample SLA.

Take your SLA configuration and merge my sample with yours:


As advised, i have added “where Ticket -> Owner is not set.” to my existing SLA but the SLA counting still starts when ticket is created. Ticket is created 10 minutes ago and ticket was assigned 5 minutes ago but SLA already counted 10 minutes as it should be 5 minutes only. (please note that we have change the display name of Owner to Technician. Hope there will be a work around for this. See below:


That’s correct - in my first response I gave a hint to this “issue”.

What you want to do is simply not possible within Zammad context.
SLAs -in all systems I’ve known so far- always count from the beginning of ticket creation.

The whole point in this is that your customer write an inquiry to you and you promised your customer to reply in a specific time span. You’d have to manipulate the tickets or Zammad source code to achieve your goal. I wouldn’t suggest both ways at all.

My workaround above only provides a “solution” to not SLA tickets that have no owner, however, it does not affect the way SLA is being calculated.

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