SLA Management - Email Trigger to different person by level

Hi…i am new in zammad and there are some features that are required by our company which seems not available.

I want SLA to set in 4 levels that it will escalate to different persons / groups but currently only agents which is assigned to that ticket is only getting escalated emails. I want to customize this.

is there anyway to change it from the back end? Can anyone please help me with this? thanks! :slight_smile:

Escalation is calculated on any ticket that fits to your conditions. Technically you could do this per specific user if needed (but I think that’s a bit much configuration to do if the number of people raise).

No need to customize this.
Your agents simply need to change their notification settings to solve this.
see: Profile & Settings — Zammad User Documentation documentation

Yes and no. You can enforce user settings via rails. But that’s a bit sketchy.
You can overtake the user session to configure it for each user - it’s not a global option, but per user.

Hi thanks for the reply. let me clarify this as well. below is the test SLA that i have created. can you explain in detailed on how to make this escalate to groups. first escalation should be on 1 group only, second escalation will be for the higher level group and last is for the management level.

Hi… also can you let me know how to change the SLA outgoing email address? i think the one you mentioned - is not applicable on this as the requirement is to send email per escalation to different groups.

Okay I think we’re talking about different things here.
Zammad does not have a SLA escalation based on several levels.

That means: If you want to have different types of escalation on the same ticket, it’s not possible.
Groups are like folders you would put documents in and technically can help you to restrict SLA calculation to a specific group of tickets - like so:

Agents to have rights to groups which allows them to see and work on these tickets. Based on their permissions and their notification settings, Zammad will warn them about 15 minutes before escalation and then notify them on ticket escalation. After wards, in case the escalation has not been cleared, Zammad will continue to remind the agent on the escalation on a daily basis at night.

By default this notification is a web and email notifications.
However, you can change these notifications (on how much you get and what) and also on what groups you want to receive those notifications on:

So if you’d like to get escalation warnings and escalation notifications on all tickets you can see, you’ll need to tick “all tickets”. Also, by default there’s an overview called “escalated tickets” that holds all escalated tickets available in Zammad. This does not notify anybody, but should help greatly as well.

The SLA based notification via email is a system notification. It thus get’s send via the system notification channel thats the same for the whole system. (by default noreply@{fqdn}).

We do not have any group notifications for specific escalations.
You could use the scheduler to send mails to all agents (all agents or the owner, nothing group based) to remind on a more regular basis on those escalated tickets if needed.

hi… as per the scheduler, can we add specific users on this list? so it can send notification mail to specific users.


That’s not possible at the moment.

Anyone have tried adding specific users for sending email? as it can only send to these below. maybe there is a way to add in from the backend?

Article Last Sender
All Agents

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