SLA and Trigger communication, need advice

Hi Team,

Thank you for a powerful support tool! To my question: I want to make a trigger based on SLA escalate status. I’ve been trying to make that playing with settings but it but unsuccessfully.I would be grateful if someone would share their experience in this solution.

I want to force Zammad send mail to all agents if no one reacts on SLA Escalation for 2 hours. I set SLA to 3 hours for First Reaction. If this time is reached helpdesk group will receive the message about that. I understand that the team may be busy and will miss these messages. In this case, I need to send a reminder (mail) after 2 hours to ALL agents (only if nobody replies this case). It will be perfect if all stages of SLA (first react, update reaction) would have this feature. I played with Trigger condition states but could not find right choice. SLA works fine but not Trigger.

Thank you!

The Scheduler can be your friend also.


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