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I am using trial paid version of zammad. I am surprised how overcomplicated (for me) everything is, I wonder if so many features are enabled only to justify paying for service and support and whether they can be disabled.

For example:

  1. I will never allow users to login to helpdesk. So I each ticket and each answer do not need to have an option “set as public”. Everything is always internal. Can I completely disable concept of internal/external?

  2. I do not run phone support. Still I have an option to create or “answer” tickets via phone icon. Can I completely disable concept of phones?

  3. When I open new ticket there’s a field for an answer ready with message “Enter answer”. Given #1 my user will never see this answer - it’s just a note. For sure it’s going to confuse an agent. Is there a way to make distinguishing between note and actual email answer more clear?

  4. I don’t want to track “mood” - the one been shown in the dashboard. Can it be disabled? Actually all provided stats are quite useless for me, given I want to provide email contact without any SLAs.

I am surprised what you consider to be “overcomplicated”. We’re about to migrate to Zammad and have found the interface so far to be very intuitive and simple. OTRS is a good example of an overcomplicated ticket system, but with Zammad I find this criticism to be very unfounded.

We’re also not going to allow our customers to access Zammad; I simply told our agents during training what the button does, and that they’re not going to need it. As far as I know, you cannot disable it.

Phone tickets might still be useful, because they allow you to create a ticket without sending an outbound mail, while email tickets will always send a mail to the respective customer. I also think you cannot disable them.

Yeah, that has bugged me too and pretty much the first thing I stumbled over. As that reply field can be toggled between notice/phone/mail and internal/external, the text should IMO automatically adapt. E.g. if set to notice internal, it should say “Enter internal notice…”, if set to notice external, it should ssay “Enter public notice…”, if set to mail, it should say “Enter answer…” and so on.

No, I don’t think it’s possible to disable this. Contributions are welcome by the Zammad team, if you want to work on any of this :wink:


Especially in Hosted-Setup you have no possibility to patch anything out.
The trial runs in professional plan and can be downgraded or upgraded to another package if you decide to pay for the product later on.

Maybe the following documentation helps you working with Zammad better:

Right now what you want to disable can’t be disabled by default, I’m sorry about that.

Edit: If you don’t like the “type answer or [attach file]” like text, you can work around this within the translation (at least if you’re not using english as language :x)


I find this criticism to be very unfounded.

Well, I actually “founded” it by providing few examples below. You kind of agree with them, so why are you criticizing my criticism?

Phone tickets might still be useful, because they allow you to create a ticket without sending an outbound mail

Wouldn’t it be solved by providing tick box with “send outbound mail”? Also why separate incoming and outcoming calls? Why would I need this?

the text should IMO automatically adapt

The text is not an issue. The just shouldn’t be a form at the first place. There should be 2 buttons (or more): “reply by email”, “add note”. After pressing the button then the form with proper message should appear.

Contributions are welcome by the Zammad team

I don’t think the issues I am pointing out are matter of lack of contributors. It’s either nobody sees the problem or team has different vision. Anyway, I am contributing by pointing out what’s wrong.

But you see the problem? And you know there are people who just want to treat Zammad as shared mail inbox and don’t care about SLAs, calendars, escalations, internal/external?

Thanks for providing the workaround.

I can understand this point, but learned that -most of the times- this is something you have to get used to. In consulting I have not seen many users getting confused by this, but I know people can get confused by this.

You can also create a trigger to send out the content of a note if you want to ensure your agent doesn’t get confused. This will also spare you from pressing the “reply” button. However, this does not work for mails with CC.

I guess you can have great UI (and people will love your product) or have “it’s something you have to get used to” attitude. Anyway, thanks again for advice. It seems to me the best solution is to prepare some custom JS or CSS to hide confusing features.

Sorry about that. You’ll always find someone that’s not perfectly happy with an interface or function. :frowning:

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