Simple Login Form

Hello Guys,

I would like to ask if anyone have a finished php Script for Zammad Login. Because I don’t know much about APIs. And therefore, I would like to ask if anyone use an own PHP Script to login from an external Website to Zammad.
I have a Site and I would like to import an login form where the User can Login or Register to Zammad.
I hope anyone can help me.


if you go to Settings → Settings → Security you can actually enable users to create accounts via Frontend “New User Accounts”-Option to “Yes”.

Does this work for you or do you want to make it a one click option?
Come to think of it, you couldn’t insert a password to zammad without prompting for it anyways (at least you shouldn’t save passwords in cleartext :slight_smile: )

no i have a own Webpag with own Design etc. Now i would like to create an login form and this login form should be connected with Zammad. User can now login over my website into zammad. Custom Login Form not The given Login form of zammad

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