Similar to CC Features and enhance the overviews

Request to extend the CC feature similar to email via creation of ticket via web channel.
and enhance the overviews like “My CC Tickets” and for the privacy purposes in one organization also allow that customer who cc on tickets can also view and reply to that tickets even the shared organization is set to not shared…

Thank you and More power

Sorry for asking back, but what would be the reason why I would like to allow my customer to CC any one?
I’d have to expose my customer database and I honestly don’t want to allow any of my customers to send his request to any E-Mail-Address, as in worst case I’d be the spammer?

What exactly do you want to achieve?

Thank you for the reply Sir @MrGeneration
Like in our test setup we want to use the zammad (web channel only) for requesting a support and not used the email for requesting a support. and eventually if the web channel run smooth next is to open the sms channel.

Note: our customer is internal only means one corporation but different company.

We want to achieve is if the ticket request of one customer is need the approval of his/her manager the manager instantly view the ticket in the overviews like what i example is only that person allowed to view the cc ticket.

And no need to create another ticket for requesting approval of the department manager.

I saw the workaround if you allow the shared organization and create a custom overviews for that person is can view all the ticket but the disadvantage is all person in organization is also can view the all tickets using the search bar…

And I think if the CC feature extend to the Web channel we can make a notification for that person who in the cc that one of his people want his/her action or notification only for that ticket.

Thank You.

Personally I’d use a custom field in combination with a trigger to achieve this, as I think you don’t have dozens of managers. You could at least inform the manager.

I think as per your example of custom field and trigger will notify the manager via email or sms, and that is disabled for our setup we want is the creation of ticket is only in web channel…

and we have dozens of managers sir hehe… in one company have 3 to 4 managers (different department) one on sales, service, accounting , sales admin.

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