Signatures not displayed in ticket response

I’ve created a signature and assigned the signature to a group via ‘Groups -> Signature’. However, it does not show up when responding to tickets.

Expected behavior:

  • Signature automatically shows up when responding to a ticket.

Actual behavior:

  • Dignature does not shop up when responding to a ticket.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Created a signature and assign it to a group via ‘Groups -> Signature’

Hm, this has always worked fine for me. Sorry for asking the obvious here…

  • Are you sure that the ticket has been assigned to the group? Try to discard any open changes to the ticket, assign the correct group, click update, then try “reply” again. Changing the group without clicking on “Update” while replying does not work.
  • Are you sure that you’re replying via email? As far as I know, signatures work only for email replies. So do not click in the “Enter Answer or select attachment…” field below the customer article, but on the small “reply” button beneath the customer article instead.
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Though by now I’m beginning to think that this might count as a bug; at least it’s inconsistent:

  • When you create a new ticket, Zammad will automatically update your reply with the correct signature whenever you change the group. No need to discard the half-written answer, just make sure you’ve chosen the correct one before hitting Create:

  • When you reply to an existing ticket, you have to choose the group before you hit reply. Zammad will not update the signature when you change the group while replying:

    Even worse, some agents might think that they have to click on Update so that their group change will take effect, and will thereby accidentally send the unfinished reply :confused:

    But that’s probably something for a separate discussion/ticket because it’s a general problem with the UI.

It would be nice if the reply view would behave the same way as the create ticket view.

I agree, this looks like some sort of UI bug.
Personally experienced that, simply because I set the ticket attributes first (or don’t have too many tickets that have to change the group).

But yes, it’s a bug

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