Showing/updating custom ticket properties


First of all let me thank you for all efforts in creation of the great product. We run it for a while after migration from OTRS and besides small issues, are quite happy with it.

This is more to get your feedback on idea we are thinking on.

Currently we are thinking of optimisation of support workflow and one of ideas is to show support more information about customer request in new ticket. After looking into Zammad structure deeply, following implementation was suggested:

  • add new attributes to Ticket (System -> Objects -> Ticket) as container for additional data.
  • use our custom code to connect to Zammad API, get new ticket data (sender, subject, body), parse to find key data like order #, make call to our backend to get attributes, make call to Zammad API to set ticket attributes to the data.
  • call custom code frequently (not sure if there is a way to set callback on zammad side)

Is my direction correct?

Point 1 & 2 shouldn’t be an issue at all.
You may want to remember already touched tickets as your search might result the same ticket lists if the states haven’t changed at that point yet.

To point 3 - Zammad doesn’t support callbacks / webhooks as of now, so it can’t call stuff itself.

thank you @MrGeneration. I managed to make it work.

Currently got a problem with showing link in UI properly, but this one doesn’t seem to be achievable without tampering Zammad code. URL and Template doesn’t work for since I have different URLs for different queues, while URL/template seems to be system wide option

Sorry but I do not understand your goal nor the issue directly.
Could you please provide more information on what your goal is and what issues rise?

Screenshots might also help.

Apologies for that @MrGeneration .

The goal is to provide Agents an easy way to access our local resources related to customer inquiry. The part with getting ticket data via API, parsing in our code and updating ticket properties works perfectly.

Current problem is related to UI - how to display the links to local resources in clean and concise form. Link should be read only as Agents are not supposed to modify them.
What I tried to do - set new Ticket property type to Text - URL and set variable to actual URL. It shows properly but as an edit field, not as a link. Next I tried to use URL Template but it can’t be used in our case since we have different URLs for different queues, while URL template seems to be system wide.

What I see as ideal solution is display type as HTML filter. In this case I can set Ticket property to something like <a href="">12345</a> and it will look like neat url to our resource in the right pane.

For that goal Zammad would have to support read only fields which it doesn’t.
However, what it does support are link templates for custom objects.

A positive side effect of this would be that your order number can still be copied.

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