Show customer name in the ticket?


is it possible to show the customer name somewhere in the ticket permanently?
At the moment we have to move with the mouse ober the customer initials or switch between ticket details and customer details on the right area.


You mean like so?

Change the tabs on the right with one click and scroll all you want.

thank you for your answer.
It would be very helpful to see the full name in the Header line below the initials.
For example, below the ticket number or, better, below the circle with the initials.

2021-08-12 19_04_14-Window


Oh I see, my bad, sorry.

No currently this is not possible within Zammad core.
Personally I don’t really see where this use case is useful except for fresh tickets, because as soon as the ticket gets longer this information is always hidden to your eye (we’re scrolling to the bottom).

Any way, if you believe that this would be a useful function for Zammads core, please create a feature request thread on this board for the community to vote. :rocket:

Even when scrolling down, the title is shown as a sticky row at the top (see point 2 in screenshot below)

The screenshot shows both states… when you just scroll down a little, just for clarification.

Personally I think even at the top row (2) there is room for showing the customer name. The Ticket id moves to the left. Maybe even there.

The use case is important even for longer tickets. In our case different people may work on a single ticket over a longer time. Not everybody is immediately familiar and should see the customer name right away.

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Hello MrGeneration,
we are using Zammad for the internal helpdesk requests in our company.
95% of our tickets will:

  1. Open by agent or via E-Mail
  2. Have text in the first note
  3. One agent / support engenier will solve the problem
  4. Close the ticket.

So we direct communicate with the “customer” in our case a colleague, and it would be easier to see the name directly.

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