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We’re using Zammad together with Office365. We came from OTRS where you could use one real email address, and set Aliases for the rest. In OTRS you can filter out tickets based on the TO email, and even if it’s an Alias it will still be picked up as the TO address, that’s not working in Zammad as it seems.

So let’s say our primary email address is That email is setup in the Email settings for IMAP and SMTP. Then we have another email address called which is an Alias in both Office 365 and Zammad. Both have the same destination group (as you would need to have another actual (real, not an Alias) email account to divide them).

What we would like is that all emails from ends up in a group called “email2”, but the current behavior is that you need to setup as a real address, and not an alias.

Question is, is it even possible to Filter out so that they end up in group “email2”, whilst is an alias of From what I can see the email seems to come TO no matter if I send the email to or some other Alias address, as the configured email real email account is

I hope my question isn’t that confusing. :slight_smile:

Can you filter all mails going to to a subfolder? Than you can connect to the same mailbox an get all mails from that folder assigned to group email2.


The real question here I guess is if it’s possible to change a setting in Zammad so that the header “TO” is the real address instead of the alias address?

Would you happen to have an original header of an affected mail?
Please adjust sensitive information in a way we don’t know who we’re really talking about but still are able to see possible differences.

Also note that Zammad takes the data that comes within the Headers.
So if the alias of the mail it detects is wrong within the headers already, ask your mail server what’s going on.

Especially Microsoft mail servers do have a habit to change / rewrite original TO to the alias it’s putting the mail due to routing to. That’s nothing we can do about.

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