Sharing tickets between departments


  • Used Zammad version: 4.0.x
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: ubuntu 20.04
  • Browser + version: any


  1. In once place of documentation is stated:

Some tickets require attention from more than one agent (or even more than one department!). In these cases, there are three ways to assign the work to the right people:

  1. In other place is stated:

Without groups, all ten agents can see (and respond to) every single ticket that comes in, regardless of which department it’s for. This isn’t problematic per se, but it does lead to a lot of unnecessary clutter in the overviews menu. (It can be much worse when, for example, a customer service rep sees tickets meant for your HR department, and finds out how much their colleagues in sales are making! :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:)

How do you combine those two, ie:

  1. I want to be able to share the work between HR and IT.
  2. I dont want IT to see ALL HR tickets and vice versa.
  3. I want IT and HR to be able to ‘reply’ to ticket with their respecive email addresses (it@company for IT and hr@company for HR).
  4. While this happens I dont want either department to lose the visibility of the ticket and its contents.
  5. I dont want to create ‘shared’ group since ‘reply from mailbox’ is tied to group settings, and shared group cant get emails from both departmets.

It seems that you are not able to do this.

  1. Either you have two groups and they cant see one another tickets
  2. If you want one to pass ticket to another you need to give them ‘some’ rights to group.
  3. If you give then ‘read’ - they can access ALL tickets via search panel
  4. If you dont give them ‘read’ but ‘change’ they can pass the ticket - but lose the visibility of that ticket contents.

Maybe this is lacking some sort of ‘Origin’ group atribute that would allow the tickets to be passed to another department for work - without seeing all other tickets that are already being processed in that group.
If you had ‘Origin’ group privileges you could see that group in ‘Group’ while working on the ticket so you can pass them the ticket.


  1. We have two groups HR and IT
  2. Each group has its own FULL privileges and ‘ORIGIN’ in both groups
  3. HR can see tickets assigned to IT group IF they “ORIGINATE” from HR
  4. IT can see tickets assigned to HR group IF they “ORIGINATE” from IT

This way you can share the work and do not have to create third group for shared work as you suggested in one of the posts and still either group can “reply” to ticket with their respecitve email aliases since those are “tied” to group settings.

Maybe there is some other way to approach this and I am getting the idea from docs in the wrong way?



I’d like to know how to manage that, as well :slight_smile:

To throw tickets into groups, I used macros. (Macros — Zammad documentation).
In addition, I made overviews and gave the rights to read.


Thank you for the input, please note that giving the rights to ‘READ’ and creating overviews - does not changes the fact that user can simply type ‘*’ (asterisk) in search field and will see ALL tickets that the READ permission gave him rights to, thus not resolving the problem that I’ve described.



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