Share tickets - connect zammad systems (Zammad Connector)

It should be possible to connect zammad systems and share tickets.

an consultant company A has customers B, C and D.

every customer B, C and D has an own zammad installation for their ticket handling.

Some tickets should be shared with the ticket system from the consulting company.
editing ticket entrys should be possible on both systems.

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That’s in my opinion a privacy nightmare, as your customer looses absolute track of who got your data.
In terms of GPDR this is a real nightmare and hard to handle.

you can send emails between the systems.

I just want a bit more intelligence in such a connection.
eg automaticaly link the ticket numbers.
or “remote agent”

Nice Idea. I’don’t see a Security nightmare per default @MrGeneration that would only happend If zammad do things without a notification/question.

Maybe such an implementation could base on ActivityPub (Nextcloud Use it for File sharing and Mastodon for message sharing.)

today we have the “Ticket Hook” functionalyity.

if we have a “Ticket Hook External” you can use the same principle.

A new field “External Ticketnumber” can be the link for this

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