Setting up Zamad Huawei cloud

Hi All i have a situation here, Currently i have Ubuntu server running in Huawei cloud and installed Zammad helpdesk. I am running the instance on the free Huawei subscription seems like i do not have option to install any windows operating system under free subscription. Now i need to verify my Zammad installation and access the link externally? anyone any idea how i can do that? inother words i need to open zammad helpdesk url over the internet. any one any suggestions? appreciated.

You will need a domain point to your server IP and update the nginx setting.

Thank you for your reply. I have domain and can you eloborate how to add and update in nginx please? i am new to the system. Thank you

first, point the domain to your server, then SSH into your server and under nginx conf.d folder, there is a configure file named zammad.conf, edit the file to add


hope it can help.

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