Set up email inbox

Hi everyone, I opened a ticket via email, but I don’t get an email from the sender as to whether the ticket was received or not.

How can I realize this?

Many greetings

Hi maxime,
have you checked your triggers and how you set them up?

Hey A.Zajdel,
I set up a trigger, but strangely it doesn’t work.

There was a bug in the Trigger mechanism, your version might be affected.

Hello again,
I’ve compared your trigger settings with those we use.
We’ve decided upon fewer fields and conditions to make it simple. In the image there’s a gap between two lines. I’ve done it deliberately to cover the email address of our help desk. Nevertheless, maybe my screenshot will be of any use to you.

Another possibility ist that there’s a bug in the system indeed.
You could let know how are you doing. I keep my fingers crossed.


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