Set email From equal to dynamic eg: #{user.firstname} and not static

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we are using Zammad mainly for Emails, is there a way to have our FROM consisting of the first- and lastname of the current user within Zammad?
So if I send a mail to a customer I would love to have the from as: “Bastian Bringenberg support@xxxx” and not as “Static Support support@xxxxx”.

Is this possible somehow? I tried so much, but failed on this one.

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sounds like you’re looking for the sender format setting in Zammad. ( )

You currently can choose between:

  • Displayname of the alias
  • Agent name (first- and lastname) via displayname of the alias

As Zammad is not meant to replace email clients like e.g. Thunderbird, we currently don’t have the possibility to only use the first- and lastname of the person replying.

That would be a feature request that you can post on this forum, if you want to.

Hey ho,

Thanks for your response! I have changed the value to “Agent Name + DIsplayname” and found this pull request:

As you recognized I have already commented this issue so this ticket here can be closed!

Have a nice evening and thank you for your help,


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