Set alternate email address for verification of SMTP settings

When configuring an SMTP server for email notifications, the wizard attempts to validate the settings by sending a test email to

In my case, I am deploying Zammad for departmental use and the only SMTP server available to me is a relay provided by my organization, which only permits emails to be sent to addresses in our domain(s). This produces an error like 550 5.7.54 SMTP; Unable to relay recipient in non-accepted domain. In ordinary operation this is not an issue for us because all of our users are internal and have email addresses in known domains retrieved from LDAP.

In my case I had to work around this by figuring out how the email settings are saved in Zammad’s database so I could set them without using the wizard.

It would be preferable if the admin could choose the recipient to use for test emails. Or at the very least, if email configuration could be saved in the admin UI without verification.


The easier way to overcome this would probably be to accept as recipient domain. It does nothing else than discard, your server does not have to receive responses from it (in fact it doesn’t send any).

The process for external sender verification affects 99% of the use cases of Zammad instances. Your use case, at least from our perspective, looks very edgy.

Let me say - I have the same situation. SMTP is very locked down in our organization. I can work around it though.

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