Server crashed - Restoring backup from 5 days ago - Migrate data?

My server hosting Zammad had recently started crashing, I would have to reboot it every few days. (Ubuntu 16.04 Droplet on DigitalOcean).

I’m not particularly clued up on these things and didnt know what was causing the problem or how to diagnose it. ElasticSearch had never worked properly (not installed right), so i decided this morning to uninstall it. I ran sudo apt-get --purge autoremove elasticsearch expecting it to only remove elasticsearch, however it also removed Zammad!! :disappointed_relieved:

My server is now dead and im not sure how to get it back up and running.

I have an automatic backup of the whole server from 5 days ago, and when restored this is working fine. But I am wanting to migrate the missing tickets and updates from the dead server over to the good one. Is there any way of doing this? (Without PHPMyAdmin installed on the dead server, or zammad running to be able to perform a backup). Alternatively is there a way I can reinstall Zammad on the dead server to get it running again, with the data thats still there?

I did try copying the contents of \var\lib\mysql\zammad\ and \opt\zammad\storage\fs\ from dead to restored server, and briefly it worked… I could login to zammad and all the recent tickets are there… but quickly started getting 500 server errors, and after a reboot it is completly dead.

I am going to try again, any advice on exactly which database files to copy across (if this is even a good idea?)

Many thanks
A very distressed guy whos in lots of trouble right now…


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