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  • Used Zammad version:3.2.x

Hi! Is it possible to send a message to the email of this customer that I assign on my ticket when I update this ticket or when I reply ? if possible with a trigger send me an example please and thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi khawla,

i have found this board maybe it could help you out.

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@Enrike123 Thank you for your answer but it’s not the customer who creates the ticket, it’s me who creates this ticket (agent) and I assign a customer with his email on the ticket and I want when I update this ticket the customer receives a notification on his email ,then does this operation need an email account or does it just work with the email notification ?

When creating the ticket initially you can choose “send email” to make Zammad send the typed content to your customer right away.

Of course, you can also solve this via triggers.
The default trigger for new created tickets should provide all the hints you need on how to solve this.

You can also send your customers trigger based notifications on every ticket update. No issue here.

As Enrike123 mentioned, please ensure that your group you’re working with has a email address configured, because otherwise it’s not possible to send your customers any mail.

Thanks for the infos :slight_smile: but can you give me an example of a trigger please ?
I happen to add an email account but he can’t add I don’t know what’s the problem exactly I have just a notification email

In order for triggers to send mails, you need a email account (that is not a notification account) configured.
You then need to add the added mail address as outgoing mail address to the group you’re using to allow Zammad sending trigger based mails.

For group settings have a look at:

I try to add an email account for users but it gives this form I configure my gmail account in imap but when I fill this form shows me this error but I am sure that the address and the password are correct

You might want to have a look at this page:

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Thank you so much it’s work now :slight_smile:

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