Search does not work on docker-compose

  • Used Zammad version: 3.6.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: docker-compose
  • Operating system: ArchLinux
  • Browser + version: Firefox 84

The problem:

Sorry I just discarded the previous headers because they didn’t exactly fit my problem, but it seems like the search function does not work properly. I’m using the docker-compose as is, except I have an external PostgrSQL server that I’m connecting to.

Monitoring tab also reports the following:

14 failing background jobs
Failed to run background job #1 'SearchIndexAssociationsJob' 5 time(s) with 80 attempt(s).
Failed to run background job #2 'SearchIndexJob' 5 time(s) with 80 attempt(s). ''

are you sure ElasticSearch is running, and reachable from the zammad service’s/containers?

Hey! Thanks for the response. Turns out elasticsearch kept crashing, probably because the server had so little ram. I experimented with more expensive servers with more ram and it started working. Turns out 2GB of RAM is not enough for Zammad and Elasticsearch, which really is a shame since I can get every other service running at once with half that much RAM. So I suppose Zammad and Elasticsearch in particular quite heavy to run. I also discovered that even with a bigger server (2 CPU’s and 8GB of RAM) Zammad was using 100% CPU at initialization and doing some very concerning spikes during runtime, which is quite saddening to see. Either way Zamamad is by far the best open-source helpdesk software so I guess we’ll just have to pay some extra for the servers.

The documentation states that 4GB of Ram is absolutely mandatory to run the containers:

Here’s the hardware recommendation by hoping it helps:

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