Search: completion for attributes, specific attribute values and syntax

Zammad’s search feels very powerful, but it’s advanced capabilities are also unfortunately rather hard to use. As soon as you want to match specific attributes, it’s pretty much inevitable that you have to look up attribute names in the documentation, because even if you know that the attributes are there and that you can use them, you don’t necessarily know their names by heart. I imagine that some kind of completion could help here:

  • attribute completion:
    • when I type s, it should suggest state.
    • when I type o, it should suggest organization and owner.
    • when i type article., it should suggest the attributes of the article object
  • attribute value completion (but only for some specific attributes):
    • when I type state:, it should suggest states like new, open, …, pending reminder
    • not sure for which other attributes value completion would make sense. Probably priority, group and article.attachment.content_type; maybe even stuff like organization,, article.from, …?
  • syntax: complete AND, OR and TO, explicitly only in upper case because that seems to be important. Even the docs currently don’t explicitly state that these are case sensitive and get it wrong in the very first example ^^
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