Scheduler simply not running


Expected behavior:

  • Scheduled tasks running

Actual behavior:

  • Scheduler doesn’t run, the scheduled tasks are not launched

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Create a job, wait…


Hi Zammad Community,

We use Zammad since 3 months with 10 agents. Till nos we didn’t need to use schedulers but by now it would become really usefull.

When I create (quite simple) tasks, they are not executed.
One of my tesks should run every 10 minutes but nothing happens, here is some info :

root@ip-172-26-15-154:/home/***# zammad run rails r 'p Delayed::Job.count'
root@ip-172-26-15-154:/home/***# zammad run rails r 'p Delayed::Job.first'
root@ip-172-26-15-154:/home/***# zammad run rails r 'p Delayed::Job.last'

Have I forgotten something during the setup?
How can I debug (which commands)?

Hope you will help.



your ideas where good, unfortunately you’re looking into the wrong direction.
The scheduler is called within the Job context - you listing all Jobs would require this command:

zammad run rails r "p Job.pluck(:name)"

Let’s suppose your scheduler task is called “test” - the following attributes might be interesting:
(run the following within a rails console (zammad run rails c):


Please provide the outputs of above command.
Possibly Zammad just forgot that the Job has run already or you might have performance issues or are missing something that’s not yet clear.

A good idea would also to check for errors in your logfile, especially for your “every 10 minutes” job, this should appear regulary.

grep "ERROR" /var/log/zammad/production.log

Hello :slight_smile:

Here are the results I get.

zammad run rails r "p Job.pluck(:name)"
xyz@xyz:/home/admin# zammad run rails r "p Job.pluck(:name)"


irb(main):005:0> Job.find_by(name:'cleanspam').running
=> false
irb(main):006:0> Job.find_by(name:'cleanspam').processed
=> 0
irb(main):007:0> Job.find_by(name:'cleanspam').matching
=> 1965

About the errors, I don’t see anything relative to the scheduler :

xyz@xyz/home/admin# grep "ERROR" /var/log/zammad/production.log
E, [2020-05-05T06:50:22.430343 #571-46933866408820] ERROR -- : push ticket_create for user 8
E, [2020-05-05T06:50:22.653448 #571-46933866408820] ERROR -- : push ticket_create for user 3
E, [2020-05-05T06:50:22.711496 #571-46933866408820] ERROR -- : push ticket_create for user 4
E, [2020-05-05T07:20:14.807830 #516-47429898277760] ERROR -- : No route matches [GET] /remote/login (A
E, [2020-05-05T09:17:00.629896 #516-70112903139940] ERROR -- : PG::TRDeadlockDetected: ERROR:  deadloc
k detected
E, [2020-05-05T09:39:55.486770 #571-46933866408820] ERROR -- : push ticket_create for user 1475
E, [2020-05-05T09:39:55.565851 #571-46933866408820] ERROR -- : push ticket_create for user 3
E, [2020-05-05T09:39:55.609547 #571-46933866408820] ERROR -- : push ticket_create for user 34
E, [2020-05-05T09:39:55.686376 #571-46933866408820] ERROR -- : push ticket_create for user 4
E, [2020-05-05T09:39:55.736617 #571-46933866408820] ERROR -- : push ticket_create for user 8

Any ideas?
Many thanks.


Your system doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with the need to write/read in your database with the need Zammad builts.

This can have various reasons. Either your system has a very slow storage, the system ressources may not fit your concurrent agents working in Zammad or a configuration that is very sub optimal for Zammad to run with acceptable performance.
This should also be noticable during working in Zammad, e.g. long opening times or waiting quite some time for updating tickets.

Please provide the output of the following commands from a rails console:

User.joins(roles: :permissions).where(roles: { active: true }, permissions: { name: 'ticket.agent', active: true }).uniq.count

Especially the command Sessions.list.count makes the most sense in situations where your system faces the most load during the day (so when everyone is working).

The results :

irb(main):001:0> User.count
=> 2031
irb(main):002:0> Ticket.count
=> 3320
irb(main):003:0> Ticket::Article.count
=> 9091
irb(main):004:0> User.joins(roles: :permissions).where(roles: { active: true }, permissions: { name: '
ticket.agent', active: true }).uniq.count
=> 15
irb(main):005:0> Sessions.list.count
=> 4
irb(main):006:0> Overview.count
=> 21
irb(main):007:0> Group.count
=> 10
irb(main):008:0> Job.find_by(name:'cleanspam')
=> #<Job id: 9, name: "cleanspam", timeplan: {"days"=>{"Mon"=>true, "Tue"=>true, "Wed"=>true, "Thu"=>t
rue, "Fri"=>true, "Sat"=>true, "Sun"=>true}, "hours"=>{"0"=>true, "1"=>true, "2"=>true, "3"=>true, "4"
=>true, "5"=>true, "6"=>true, "7"=>true, "8"=>true, "9"=>true, "10"=>true, "11"=>true, "12"=>true, "13
"=>true, "14"=>true, "15"=>true, "16"=>true, "17"=>true, "18"=>true, "19"=>true, "20"=>true, "21"=>tru
e, "22"=>true, "23"=>true}, "minutes"=>{"0"=>true, "10"=>true, "20"=>true, "30"=>true, "40"=>true, "50
"=>true}}, condition: {"ticket.tags"=>{"operator"=>"contains all", "value"=>"spam"}}, perform: {"ticke
t.action"=>{"value"=>"delete"}}, disable_notification: true, last_run_at: nil, next_run_at: "2020-05-0
5 11:40:00", running: false, processed: 0, matching: 1965, pid: nil, note: "", active: true, updated_b
y_id: 3, created_by_id: 3, created_at: "2020-04-30 11:52:50", updated_at: "2020-05-05 11:30:49">

We use this VM on AWS : RAM 16 Go, 4 vCPU, 320 Go SSD

According to your Job, it never ran up to now. I also guess “next_run” just keeps going up without any real run.

Please run zammad run rails r "p Scheduler.find_by(name: 'Execute jobs')" and provide the output.

I get :

   <Scheduler id: 8, name: "Execute jobs", method: "", period: 300, running: 0, last_run: "2019-1
    1-28 08:52:21", prio: 2, pid: "", note: nil, error_message: "Failed to run after 10 tries #<Ru
    ntimeErro...", status: "error", active: false, updated_by_id: 3, created_by_id: 1, created_at: "2019-0
    9-12 06:18:04", updated_at: "2019-11-28 08:52:21">


I read active: false
But I confirm that this job is displayed as active on the interface (not strikeouted).


Did you disable Scheduler jobs by any chance? By default it should be active:
zammad run rails r "Scheduler.find(8).update(active: true)

Starting from that moment (give Zammad some grace period (20 minutes), your scheduler jobs should run. Heads up on the naming convention here:

Schedulers on the rails console are not schedulers that are mentioned in the UI.
Those are “Job”(s) on the rails console. Hope that helps to clear the confusion.

Marvellous, it seems it works !

I don’t understand how/when I disable this, but …SOLVED.
Many thanks @MrGeneration :wink:


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