SAML, OIDC, Third-Party-Authentication

Hey there,

first of all, I want to say, that I know, that there are many existing issues or feature requests, but I still do not understand the problem.
Since more than two years, people are asking for a good solution to implement either an own 3rd-party authentication or SAML or OIDC (see FR: Two Factor Authentication). This year @mattronix asked for OIDC and Keycloak (see OIDC / Keycloak). There is a solution from @fgaillard, but as @MrGeneration said correctly

Please note that changing Zammad files is not update-safe and produces further needed work on every update.

So my question is now:
Will it ever be possible to use OIDC, SAML or an own 3rd-party authentication in Zammad?
@muhammadn started to work on OIDC 1,5 years ago (see Branch: Openid connect) but this branch is still there and still not merged.

Thanks for your reply.


Good news, a colorful bird left a hint that SAML is coming soon™.
If anyone is interested in this (currently) experimental feature for testing, please let us know.


Sounds great!
Please inform us, if there is something new.