Same legal entity, multiple brands - possible or not?


I’ve read a few posts on this and I think the answer is no, but before I scrap my work so far and move on to something else (which I’d rather not do unless I have to) - is it possible to have multiple brands on one instance?

No GDPR issues as it’s the same legal entity, just different brands.


Just to get it right and ensure I don’t trigger things that might not be needed:

You have multiple brands (that is one company underneath) which why sharing the customer information is no legal problem.
You want to communicate with users via different brands to the customer?

If the questions both are yes: This is possible.
You can use several different E-Mail-Accounts (and thus groups) for different brands. It doesn’t have to be the same domain. Each group can have it’s own signature and zammads answers will come from the E-Mail-address defined in the group.

Notifications being triggered (like auto reply) will also use the configurd group E-Mail-Address.
You can filter for the group on triggers to ensure, that your trigger answers in the way it’s needed for the company.

The only but I see here is that you cannot use multiple logos and domains for your instance. You might be able to do things with proxies and some dirty workarounds, but that’s out of my scope.

Thanks for the reply.

Good to hear but the only other problem I can see is if the same user (same email address) asks for support from two or more brands, will have access to all their tickets under one login? And will that totally confuse them? We prefer to keep them separate (ie, for the shops, if you log in to one, you don’t automatically have an account on the other).


If I am your customer and have issues on let’s say two brands of yours, I will be able to see all my issues to both of your brands within Zammad (as I am the same person). You can workaround this by ensuring the user doesn’t find your instance and thus cannot login.

Other option would be seperating the zammad instances and user a central elasticsearch and maybe even database to save needed memory. But that’s horrible in terms of maintenance.

Yes, I don’t want to have multiple instances - too many issues both in terms of keeping them updated and especially just from a staff point of view having to manage multiple instances.

In terms of your first comment about finding the instance - you mean if we just keep it so they can only see and reply to emails and not login to a system then they’d never know it was a combined system?

Do users ever get automatically emailed login details? And if so, can that be stopped? Sorry, this may be obvious but I’ve not tested it too much because I hit this problem and thought it was a deal-breaker.

But now it’s sounding useable again :wink:


If you restrict your users to Chat, Twitter and E-Mail this should be no problem at all.

By default, Zammad has a auto responder configured that E-Mails your customer a confirmation of receipt plus a info where the user can login and/or reset his password to take a look into his ticket online.

You can disable or simply edit this trigger and you’ll be good to go.
Don’t forget to disable “registration for new users”

Great thank you, I’ll take a further look!

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