Restrict user from creating ticket using email


  • Used Zammad version: 5.0
  • Used Zammad installation type: (source, package, docker-compose, …) Package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Browser + version: Chrome 96.0.4664.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Expected behavior:

  • User can only raise ticket through only zammad portal and not through email.

Actual behavior:

  • It won’t show any option as such, even on zammad forum I tried to search but I have found articles related to notification settings which I don’t want in fact

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • I have stopped notification settings in email but then obviously it will stop send any notification.

Note:- I have not tried disabling Incoming/outgoing server because I thought that might again affect notifications, kindly suggest if anyone having any suggestions on this.


Abhijit K

I have quick update on this is, I have disable incoming / outgoing email settings but notifications are still on (obviously because smtp setting are still enable) then what is the use of email incoming / outgoing setting?? is that use for maintain mail traffic zammad to users and vise versa?? if so then only notifications are on and above mail settings are disabled how users still getting the mails in their mail boxes?? for this very reason I want to turned off email ticket generation function so that we can avoid unnecessary chaos.


okay thats strange. the email notification is only for your agent if you set it in your profile.

if you disable the email setting. you shouldnt be able to receive or send emails via zammad

you could also disable the default trigger “auto reply on new ticket”

Hi @Armin,

Thanks for the inputs that you have provided which are really useful and much appreciated, by this we can stop notifications, but I want to restrict user to not create any tickets using e-mail user can only able to create tickets using Zammad logins, but this inputs helps me to reduced the number of emails pouring in each agent’s mailbox.


Hey @abhijit_tcts ,

okay that shouldnt be possible if you disable the email option

“if you disable the email setting. you shouldnt be able to receive or send emails via zammad”

if this still works, it would be very strange in my opinion. i just disabled it in my test environment and i cant create new tickets via mail. hmmm :thinking:
zammad just grabs via imap / pop3 new mails of this mailbox and if you disable it, it shouldnt be doing this.

if you use a exchange or something else, you could disable this mailbox and send a auto reply if a user send a mail “Please use the zammad portal to create new tickets…”

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