Restrict tags to groups

The possibility to use the tags group-based is desired. Meaning that for each tag the groups in which it is available should be selectable.

Background for this function is that you have different groups with completely different tasks and tags working within one Zammad-instance. In that case it could be overloaded if many different tags are needed for each group.

Current behavior:

  • Tags can be added for each group with no difference between the tags, they are created globally.

  • When searching for a tag within a ticket, it will display all tags (unrestricted) that are stored in the system to every agent.

Expected behavior:

  • When creating a tag, it should be possible to restrict it for groups via the admin interface (Similar to the text modules). Thereby only those tags should be displayed in the ticket which are defined for the group.

To avoid difficulties with this function when moving tickets to other groups, it is also possible to limit only the selection to tags in certain groups.


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This would be a very nice feature.

Hello @Vogelkoje

perhaps I misunderstood your request but if your organization has several groups, why don’t you define a different email channel for each of those groups and then assign that channel to the desired group?

Your users/customers then would send their emails to the different email addresses, depending on which department needs to resolve their incidence.

For example:
it-support@yourdomain.tld for IT related cases
hr-support@yourdomain.tld for HR related cases

Other way to achieve this is by using email tags and overviews which you would then assign to teams, agents or a group thereof…


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