Restore data with new version

  • Used Zammad version: 5.3.1
  • Used Zammad installation type: docker-compose

Expected behaviour:

  • I want to update my zammad environment, I’m on an old version 5.3.1 and I want to upgrade to 6.2.

I have git clone the new git folder with the docker composed :

I have docker-compose run this stack and all is good.

Now I’d like to migrate my data from the old version to the new one.
To do this I’m taking a backup of the old one: 2 files: database (postgres) 2023-12-27_07-45-00_zammad_db.psql
fichiers 2023-12-27_07-45-00_zammad_files.tar.gz

I used to use this tutorial for migration: selfhosted-apps-docker/zammad at master · DoTheEvo/selfhosted-apps-docker · GitHub

but now the volume : /var/lib/docker/volumes/zammad-docker-compose_zammad-data/_data/
doesn’t exist anymore… how to do ? where do I put my file archives ?


i have another problem. When I want migrate databases. I can’t login with psql…

You need to provide user & db.
Try with this:

psql -U zammad -d zammad_production

yes! it’s working. and for my main request, do you have any ideas?

As I can see, this is the old tutorial with Zammad 4.0 version, so I assume you can’t have that volume.

Did you try first to upgrade directly from your current version to the newest?

I’ve just tried, I’ve modified the repo and the image verison but it doesn’t work… I get this error :

for the versions, I’ve taken the one from this docker-compose : zammad-docker-compose/docker-compose.yml at master · zammad/zammad-docker-compose · GitHub

but I didn’t copy the environment variables