Restart sla solution time countdown when ticket is reopened

Hello, is there a way to restart sla solution time countdown when ticket is reopened by automatic trigger?
Let me explain it better. I have a ticket that requires processing by two separate workgroups. Each processing has a 2-hour SLA. When the first workgroup finishes processing, they close the ticket, and the automatic trigger reopens it, assigning it to a different group and changing the ‘state’ from ‘closed’ to ‘open’ or ‘new’. Many thanks in advance for your help.

No. The SLA is calculated towards the ticket creation time and thus does not reset in any way. It however changes e.g. escalations based on SLA configurations in case the conditions (and thus a different SLA) becomes valid for the ticket.

So there is no way to reopen a ticket (which was previously in a “closed” state) and assign it a new sla, right? What would you recommend to automatically manage complex tickets that require the intervention of multiple work groups?

That is correct. What could be taken in account by another SLA would be update time and resolve time. Latter especially if it wasn’t used before.