REST API delete user


Delete method:

Expected behavior:

  • something like 200 and user deleted…

Actual behavior:

  • {
    “error”: “Can’t delete, object has references.”,
    “error_human”: “Can’t delete, object has references.”

What are the references, please? Thank you…

Is it possible that you have tickets for the user?
I think you must delete alle tickets (references) in the 1st step and then the user in a 2nd

Hi, that is rather impossible… it is just a user I created a second ago (before trying to delete him) for testing purpose… Unless some tickets are created on default after user is created…

Update: I just verified that the user in question has no tickets assigned to him…

You can’t remove the blocking references via API as they’re much deeper than it’s helping.
This is working as intended - see:

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